The Mission in Motion Cycling Team, is an enthusiastic, professional, dedicated group of female leaders and racers located primarily in Southern and Central New York, who continues trains and races with an over aching goal to help provide financial support and community awareness to the Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography unit.  All monies from the winnings are always donated back to our cause. Through event promotions and community development, outreach programs, and racing activities, Mission in Motion Cycling Team is committed to establishing a strong presence in the regions we serve and race and have a positive economic impact on the races themselves, their supporters, our sponsors and donors and of course, the Mobile Mammography Unit.  
The group plays a significant role in the region and its surrounding areas.  We promote health awareness, race and bike safety, and physical fitness by recruiting new athletes into our healthy lifestyle and community.  We also play a very strong role in bringing the city together by hosting races, supporting races, hosting rides and runs, and working together with civic and city leaders on race promotion.  

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  1. Sounds like a great group. I want to start riding again, but have gone on SDI and the last few years my physical and metal health made me unable to function. I tried riding my sister's road bike last year but had so many crashes and road rash that I think I have PTSD and will never need dermabrasion o my legs/arms. Also, came cak to the Binghamton area after living in Pasadena, CA and had forgotten how steep the streets are, potholes, and not the most cycle friendly area. But, I know it will take effort but it's something I wasn't to do. I'm 61, by the way.
    The first thing I'm trying to do is see if anyone in the Endwell, NY area has a hybrid with wider tires up for sale? Can't handle a road racing cycle in this area yet. Hope this post isn't breaking protocol, but I figure who better to ask about used hybrid cycles.
    Thanks for your time,