Sunday, August 21, 2016

Xterra Syracuse Triathlon 8/14/16 - Kara's race report

Xterra Syracuse Triathlon 8/14/16

After riding my road bike for most of the year, this triathlon caught my eye with a mountain bike and trail run.  Sometimes it's nice to race in the woods!  The triathlon look place at Green Lakes State Park.  The swim course was a short 400 yard course, that we did twice. This I was a little nervous about the mountain bike as I haven't ridden it a ton, and never in a race.  It turned out to be the perfect course for my comfort level with a lot of double track and some single track that wasn't too technical.  I found it a lot harder to pace myself on a mountain bike compared to on the road, so it took me a couple of miles to find my legs on the run. The 6 mile run course looped around the green lakes, and had some short but steep hills for extra fun. I ended up finishing 1st overall in my age group. Overall, I think this may have been one of my favorite triathlons. Nice venue, not an overwhelming number of racers (~120), and I really love trails. Hope to be back here next year! 

coming out from the swim!
finishing strong!
Kara 1st in age group!

great race!

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