Monday, August 15, 2016

Tour of the Battenkill Gran Fondo- May 21, 2016, Marsha's race report

Tour of the Battenkill Gran Fondo- May 21, 2016

I've had the honor of working this race since the beginning and seldom have the opportunity to participate, but as luck would have it, the Fondo was scheduled as the last race of the day allowing me to finish registration for all the other races and jumping into my team kit in time for the Fondo to begin!  It was a perfect weather day, doesn't get any better, blue skies and sunshine, no humidity!  My wonderful teammate Kathleen Rutishauser and her awesome husband, Rich  made the drive from Whitesboro to join me in the Fondo!  We had a wonderful time climbing the epic hills and tactfully descending the dirt roads in the rolling Battenkill valley countryside.  Upstate NY has the best farm country!

We had such fun enjoying it all that we had no idea how many riders were in front of us but found out afterwards that Marsha finished 3rd in the women and Kathleen was 5th out of the 28 women who finished the 26 mile Fondo!

After that, we enjoyed chugging a quart of the best chocolate milk in New York from the Battenkill Creamery!  We earned it!
Before the race started!
successful racers! Marsha and Kathleen
Milk celebration!

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