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Port Jervis Erie80 Mountain Bike Race report by Holly Sloan- October 29, 2016

The Port Jervis mountain bike race was a fun exploratory event to complete the season. 

I took to the start having about 5 total rides off road on my mountain bike.  Why not race, right?  

The course started with a fast roll out from town that led into a .75 mile climb into the trail system.  The trails were new and the lack of having been ridden in and the fall foliage on the ground presented a very real challenge.  
Overall I took it safe and steady and learned a lot along the way.  This effort was enough for a 2nd place finish in the 12 mile event. 

Holly Sloan

Ironman full 140.6 Louisville!!!-Holly's race report- October 9, 2016

Ironman Louisville was the longest distance race of the season and taken on with a sense of adventure rivaling the competitive aspect of the event.  This was the derivation of the time commitments accompanying taking a new position in my professional life as well as serving as a co-athlete and supporter of my husband in his first full ironman.  

The race started with a very unique rolling swim start that involved lining up approximately two hours prior to the start and walking two-by-two to a pair of docks that athletes jumped off of and into the Ohio river.  The first .75 miles of the swim were upstream though in a section of backwater sheltered from the main body of the Ohio by an island.  After the upstream section athletes rounded the island and took in a fast down-stream swim.  The open aspect of the wide river allowed athletes to swim in far less congested waters than is typical of triathlon.  At swim exit I had finished the leg in a 1:09 a personal best at this distance.  

The bike course was a sizeable challenge with the 112 miles consisting of over 5500 ft of elevation gain.  The course was very well supported in both aid stations and the number of fans.  With a less than ideal lead into the event I took the bike course on with a long view in mind and rode conservatively.  This strategy was successful and I was off the bike with a time of 6:19. 

The final challenge of the day was a marathon through the streets of downtown Louisville.  This was a nice two loop run course that incorporated running through the University of Louisville campus and a run past Churchill Downs.  The terrain was mostly flat.  My first objective was to catch my husband and then worry about the finish line.  I caught up to him around mile 11.  Neither of us were feeling exceptional by this point and decided to work through the balance of our Ironman journey the way that we had been privileged enough to take the majority of it on, together.  We both had our share of high and low points but it was a great way to finish the race hand in hand crossing under the finishing arch on 4th Street Live.  Finish time 12:57. Though this was not my fastest finish of my three Ironman finishes it was a special and unique journey that I am appreciative of.   Holly Sloan

Ironman 70.3 SteelHead-August 14, 2016- Holly's race report

Ironman Steel Head took place in a nice lake Michigan resort town.  At the time of registration athletes were warned that the water temperature was within a fraction of a degree of being wet-suit legal.  As of race morning the water had risen the requisite amount and this would once again be a non-wet-suit swim.  The waves were large but rolling and this made them look far more formidable from the shore than they presented when actually swimming.  Swim times were slower than accustom for most athletes and I came out of the water in 38:19.
 Image result for ironman steelhead pictures 

The bike course was billed as flat and fast and did not disappoint.  The first couple of miles trended slightly uphill but were of a grade allowable to steady speeds.  This was not the most scenic bike course taking in mostly farm land but it was safe and semi-sheltered from the wind.  I completed the bike in a time of 2:41 and took to the run course in once again sweltering heat in the upper 90’s.  

With the conditions in mind I started the run with a conservative mentality.  As the race went on I found myself feeling better and began to run negative splits.  This pacing strategy payed off with one of my personal best run times at the 70.3 distance.  The finish line was welcome at the end of the day and I was able to finish in a time of 5:17 and another top 20 age group result.  Holly Sloan
Image result for ironman steelhead pictures

Ironman 70.3 (and then some) Muskoka, Canada July 10, 2016- Holly's race report

The setting for Ironman Muskoka Canada was a beautiful hilly region with many lake views.  Image result for ironman muskoka canada pictures

The beauty was quickly replaced by the reality of the challenges that the course would hold with regards to the elevation.  During the bike course, recon respect for the hilly nature of the ride was quickly replaced by concern for the road conditions with many potholes on fast downhill sections of the course. The odometer also revealed that this was actually a 59-mile bike course. Image result for ironman muskoka canada pictures

The race started with a calm lake swim which allowed many very quick times.  After completing the swim in 33:11 it was time to set out into the hills and potholes of the bike course.  The first miles were accentuated by very sharp and steep climbs.  The ensuing descents had to be handled with caution as I came upon many athletes that had perhaps been too brave and ended up crashing as a result of the conditions.  The few sections of smooth road were ridden as fast as could be but it was not enough to compensate for the allowances required for the road conditions and extra distance and I completed the bike portion in 3:55. The run course was mix of rolling terrain and took athletes through a long stretch of open road before a short loop in town.  

The aid stations were well supplied but sparser than in any other Ironman event I have competed in.  This was not much of a problem until the closing miles when the heat of the day was at its fullest and it was 2 miles between the final aid stations.  This was a unique race with a feel not typical of Ironman events but served as a solid training day following a month of recovery from the Raleigh concussion.  Finish time of 5:51 and top 15 in age group!  Keep on Tri-ing! Holly Sloan

Ironman 70.3 Raleigh- June 5, 2016- Holly's race report

Raleigh North Carolina was the home of my first race of 2016.  Following on from an unseasonably warm winter and the associated ability to log big training miles throughout, I was excited to get the race season under way.  The Raleigh course consisted of a non-traditional format that saw athletes stop at two separate transitions with a point to point progressive course finishing in downtown Raleigh. 

Coming from New York’s 50-degree spring weather to Raleigh’s race day conditions of 98-degrees was a challenge in itself.  On race morning, the typically placid conditions of the lake swim were advanced to a very choppy and difficult swim. The challenge this held was furthered by the water temperature which was one degree too warm to allow wet-suits.  

All pre-race conceptions of performance possibility were re-defined by a hard-driven elbow to the nose very near the start of the swim.  This blow to the head coupled with the water conditions made for a slower than anticipated swim time of 42:40. The bike to follow was a very rolling course.  The temperature was on the rise the entire duration and finished with a steady average just over 20mph and 2:26 cumulative time. 

The run course to cap off the day was a two loop out and back run through downtown Raleigh.  There was very strong support from the fans and volunteers that found were assisting in any way to keep athletes cool on the very exposed run course.  At the completion of the run I was able to finish the day with a 5:32 finish time and top 20 age group finish.  Although this was a respectable time and finish it was not what I had trained for.  The disappointment of this setback was put into perspective after the race when I was found to have received a concussion as a result of the hit to the face during the swim portion.   Onto the next adventure!  Holly Sloan

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Xterra Syracuse Triathlon 8/14/16 - Kara's race report

Xterra Syracuse Triathlon 8/14/16

After riding my road bike for most of the year, this triathlon caught my eye with a mountain bike and trail run.  Sometimes it's nice to race in the woods!  The triathlon look place at Green Lakes State Park.  The swim course was a short 400 yard course, that we did twice. This I was a little nervous about the mountain bike as I haven't ridden it a ton, and never in a race.  It turned out to be the perfect course for my comfort level with a lot of double track and some single track that wasn't too technical.  I found it a lot harder to pace myself on a mountain bike compared to on the road, so it took me a couple of miles to find my legs on the run. The 6 mile run course looped around the green lakes, and had some short but steep hills for extra fun. I ended up finishing 1st overall in my age group. Overall, I think this may have been one of my favorite triathlons. Nice venue, not an overwhelming number of racers (~120), and I really love trails. Hope to be back here next year! 

coming out from the swim!
finishing strong!
Kara 1st in age group!

great race!

Syracuse Ironman 70.3 June 19th, 2016 - Kara's race report

Syracuse Ironman 70.3 June 19th, 2016

Never having done a Half Ironman, I started training for this race in about February with my sister-in-law and teammate, Kathleen. The night before the race, we camped in my parent's RV right at the race site, the Jamesville Reservoir. With an early morning start, it was a huge advantage to be right at the park for an extra hour of sleep. The start of the swim started a bit rough, as I felt a bit crowded with limbs flying everywhere. For about the first 200 yards I was fighting the urge to panic and grab onto a kayak. I was repeating my "just keep swimming" mantra in my head and finally the swimmers started to spread out a bit. The rest of the 1.2 mile swim was uneventful, and I was relieved to finish a couple of minutes faster than my predicted time. Next came the 56 mile bike, starting with a steady 12 mile climb. The next 30 miles were steady rollers throughout the countryside of Onondaga County.  Just as your legs were starting to feel it, they threw one more steady uphill (Skyhigh Rd, aptly named), before the descent back to the park. I was glad when I safely crossed the railroad tracks just outside of the park that I managed to wipe out on a month prior during a training ride. I rolled into transition 5 minutes ahead of my schedule. I started out running well for the first 3 miles, until I hit the first hill. As temperatures reached 94, I knew it wasn't going to be a great running day. I accepted that I was going to be walking up the hills and running the rest of it. I couldn't have been more thankful to the best fan at the course, standing on top of the hill with a nice cold garden hose.  I finished with a total time of 6:47:24.  I was hoping to be faster, but I was more than happy to have finished!
Kara finishing 70.3!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

IronGirl Tri race report from Leah

My best race this year was irongirl triathlon. I came in 17th on the bike overall out of 800!!!! And 109 overall for all 3 disciplines.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tour of the Battenkill Gran Fondo- May 21, 2016, Marsha's race report

Tour of the Battenkill Gran Fondo- May 21, 2016

I've had the honor of working this race since the beginning and seldom have the opportunity to participate, but as luck would have it, the Fondo was scheduled as the last race of the day allowing me to finish registration for all the other races and jumping into my team kit in time for the Fondo to begin!  It was a perfect weather day, doesn't get any better, blue skies and sunshine, no humidity!  My wonderful teammate Kathleen Rutishauser and her awesome husband, Rich  made the drive from Whitesboro to join me in the Fondo!  We had a wonderful time climbing the epic hills and tactfully descending the dirt roads in the rolling Battenkill valley countryside.  Upstate NY has the best farm country!

We had such fun enjoying it all that we had no idea how many riders were in front of us but found out afterwards that Marsha finished 3rd in the women and Kathleen was 5th out of the 28 women who finished the 26 mile Fondo!

After that, we enjoyed chugging a quart of the best chocolate milk in New York from the Battenkill Creamery!  We earned it!
Before the race started!
successful racers! Marsha and Kathleen
Milk celebration!

Herald of Victory Marathon and Ride for Life- May 29th, 2016

Herald of Victory Marathon and Ride for Life- May 29th, 2016

4 Mission in Motion riders and 3 runners took on the Marathon course on the hottest day in May!

Delana Spaulding, Heather Ludwig, Gwen Riker all conquered the running marathon of 26.2 miles!

Amoreena Wade, Marsha Kapinus, Jennifer Corby, & Kara Gorgos represented the team riding in the Ride for Life.

Tiffany Grygus cheered on the team runners at the Otsiningo Park turnaround giving them an extra boost of energy!

Mission in Motion before the start - Jennifer, Heather, Marsha, Delana and Amoreena
Delana and Carla at on the 201 bridge!
Delana blowing kisses to her fans

Heather looking strong!

Delana and Carla at the end!

June 25, 2016 Broome County Triathlon - Marsha's race report

Broome County Triathlon- Whitney Point, NY - June 25, 2016

I usually decide whether I'm going to do this triathlon 2 weeks prior on very little training, but this year, we were blessed with excellent weather all Spring, so I got a jump on training and actually trained on the course a few times prior to the race this year.  I'm not a swimmer, so I do the side stroke in order to be able to breathe the entire time while watching the other swimmers so I can follow their direction and not have to keep sighting the boueys.  My transitions are definitely slow trying to peel off the tight wetsuit while standing on tired  shaky legs!  My favorite part of course is the bike leg, since i'm slow in the swim, I have a great opportunity to pass a lot of people on the bike (which I know some of the will pass me back on the run) but it's still fun to see them and cheer them on with each passing.  Triathletes are a wonderful breed of people, so much fun, and always friendly while still very competitive.  This year I finished 3rd in my age group, just behind my friend Diana Bean of the Broome County Triathlon Club!

2016 Butternut Valley Time Trial, July 30, 2016 - Marsha's write up

Butternut Valley Time Trial- July 30, 2016

Always doublecheck your event directions and never trust the GPS :)  Thankfully I left an hour earlier than planned, I typed the race address into the cell phone and didn't realize there was the exact same street address in another town another hour North of the race!  Luckily, I knew the race official and texted them that I would be late and they were kind enough to schedule me for the last start time of the day.  I arrived in time for a 5 minute warmup and enjoyed getting to see everyone on the return leg as I started out on the course.

CNYC never fails to put on an awesome race event complete with good roads, awesome volunteers and great food after the race!  4 teammates participated in the event, all earning podium spots!

Victoria DuBois placed 1st & Elizabeth Birch placed 3rd in Cat 4 women
Tamara Tarbell placed 1st  & Marsha Kapinus placed 2nd in Masters women 45+

Marsha, Tami, Victoria and Elizabeth

Tami and Victoria jump for Joy!

Kingdom Trails 2016!!

Several Mission in Motion - William H Lane ladies trekked up to Vermont to ride the amazing mountain bike trail system of Kingdom Trails. The trails were in superb condition this year, and we had a blast as always! See some of the pictures below :)

The Mission in Motion -William H Lane team!

Pat and Marsha Kapinus

Marsha and Carrie!

Victoria and Cory

Elizabeth Birch

Lorrie, George and Amoreena photobomb 

Elizabeth, Lorrie, Marsha, Amoreena, and Delana at lunch break

Marsha ready to dominate Kitchel!

Amoreena, Marsha, Elizabeth and Lorrie


Amoreena, Delana and Elizabeth

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Check Your Legs Road Race 2016

Congratulations to our ladies who rode Sunday at Check your Legs!

Victoria DuBois placed 3rd!
Kara Gorgos (our newest rider in her first road race) placed 5th
Holly Lape (our new ironwoman triathlete) placed 6th
Karla Eisch came in 7th
Leah Hadlock in 10th



podium, Victoria 3rd!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

2015 Check Presentation to Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography

Here are some pictures from our annual check presentation to Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography!  This is such a fantastic resource for our community. We are so proud to make a small impact every year. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to our sponsors! We have now donative over $16,000 to Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Press Release

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - April 9, 2016 - PRLog -- Mission in Motion Cycling Team has new title sponsor for the 2016/2017 season, William H. Lane, Incorporated

The members of the Mission in Motion women's cycling team are very excited to announce that they have a new title sponsor for the 2016/2017 season, William H. Lane, Incorporated.

The team is also excited to announce these sponsors for our upcoming season:  Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP, Gemini Construction Management, Little Falls Vet Clinic, Security Mutual Life Insurance, T-Squared Custom Millwork, Chenango Point Cycles and Daughter for Hire, LLC.

The Mission in Motion-William H. Lane team is looking forward to participating in a number of events this year including:

• Alive with Autism 5k in Otsiningo Park
• Check Your Legs in Garratsville
• Hollenbeck Classic in Virgil
• The Bridge Run Half Marathon and 5k in Binghamton
• Battenkill Fondo in Greenwich
• Aids Ride for Life in Binghamton and Ithaca
• Broome County Triathalon in Dorchester Park
• Bike MS-Fingerlakes in Penn Yann
• The Ironman in Lake Placid
• The Chris Thater Memorial in Binghamton

The team also has an active Mountain Biking group as well as competing in Cyclocross events in the fall.

The Mission in Motion-William H. Lane team now has a new community partner, the Southern Tier AIDS Program.  The team will work with them to support their events while raising awareness of the team's mission of promoting health awareness, race and bike safety, and physical fitness. They have two very exciting events coming up:

The STAP also does a lot of work with cycling awareness and will be promoting National Bike Month in May and May 20th as "Bike to Work Day."

The Mission in Motion-William H. Lane Cycling Team is made up of women from primarily the Southern Tier and central New York who participate in both cycling and running events.  The team donates all money raised from race winnings and other fundraising efforts to Lourdes Hospital's Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography van in Binghamton, New York.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Check presentation to Lourdes Mission in Motion Mobile Mammography!

Calling all Mission in Motion members!

We are formally presenting a check to the Lourdes Mission in Motion vans, Lourdes leaders, public relations and van employees next Thursday 4/14 at 4:00 pm at Lourdes Family Health, 303 Main St Binghamton. Please join us! Come in uniform as we will be doing PR photos for a feature article in Lourdes newsletter. All teammates at every level of participation are welcome! We could use your support so please make every effort to attend.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Sponsors!

Hello Mission in Motion -William H. Lane Cycling team followers!

We just wanted to update you all on our awesome 2016 sponsors! We have some pretty neat NEW sponsors this year, including William H. Lane, Incorporated (our 2016-2017 TITLE SPONSOR!); Gemini Construction Management, LLC; Southern Tier AIDS Program; and our newest 2016 sponsor is Chenango Point Cycles!

And a HUGE thank you to our repeat sponsors, where would we be without you??!: T-Squared Custom Millwork; Daughter for Hire, LLC; Little Falls Veterinary Clinic; Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP, Attorneys and Counselors; Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY; Matzo Electric Signs; Cascade Bike Trainers; and Dick Sonne's Cycle, Fitness and Ski Shop! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recruiting NEW MEMBERS for 2016!

The Mission in Motion-William H. Lane Cycling Team is looking for new members for 2016! Our team is composed of female athletes who compete in triathlons, road racing, cyclocross, mountain bike events and running races throughout the Northeast and Atlantic regions of the United States year round. Our goal is to mentor all beginning cyclists, and to raise awareness of women's cycling and health issues regarding breast cancer. 
All team prize winnings are donated directly to the Lourdes Mission in Motion Breast Cancer Foundation through Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY. We have donated over $16,000 to the Lourdes Mission in Motion Mammography Mobile units of Lourdes Hospital!
Please contact us via Facebook or email for more information about the team and how you can be a part of the action! We are working on a new uniform design and will be placing an order soon. 2016 is turing into an exciting year for our team, come see what we are all about!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Community Partner!

We have another very special announcement! Mission in Motion-William H. Lane Cycling Team now has a new COMMUNITY PARTNER, the Southern Tier AIDS Program! We will be working together to promote our important missions. 
STAP has two very exciting local events coming up:
- The AIDS Ride for Life 26.2, a Cycling Marathon on May 29, 2016 (coinciding with the Herald of Victory Marathon), starting in downtown Binghamton -…/2016-03-15-may-29-2016-ride-fo… and
- The AIDS Ride for Life, 100m, 80m or 40m road ride, on September 10, 2016 -
We are so excited to have a strong Mission in Motion-William H. Lane Cycling Team presence at these local events!