Monday, May 4, 2015

Hollenbecks road race, Virgil, NY

It's been 4 years since I raced this course,  way to long!   It was great to be back on the bike riding with a big group of women!  29 cat 4 women finished the challenging course that leads you past Greek peak skib resort,  onto a long climb up Parker road, into the headwind on the back side, past the farms, then that steep kicker up Babcock hollow and that wonderful finish climb up VanDonsel.
Since we had such a large group,  It was a blessing to have someone of your ability to work with after that first hill shatters the field apart.   I worked with Holly Lape , an amazing time trialist from Sidney, We gained a lot of ground on the top 6 who were together about 70 yards from us,  But the 2 of us just couldn't close the gap on those 6.  We decided to wait up for 2 more behind us which included my past teammate Charlsie who just came back to racing after 5 years off.  The 4 of us took turns at the front until we were split up on the wall of Babcock hollow,  I had to push hard after the climb to catch back onto Holly & Chachi.  We had a great time riding together and finished strong, Holly-7th, Chachi'8th and I was 9th.  Elizabeth crushed her time from last year and finished 20th of the 29!  What a great group of women from Syracuse Bike as well,  hope to ride with them more this year!

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