Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 New York State Time Trial Championship- Naples, NY

What a perfect day it was for a nice 2 hour scenic drive to wine country, Naples, NY for the Jonathan Dechau Memorial time trial and NYS TT championships!  Sunny, warm and just beautiful :)  We (Pat & I) arrived by 9:30am to sign up, our start times were assigned as 10:56a, and 10:56:30.  For those reading who do not know what a time trial is, each person starts alone at their assigned time, in thirty second intervals in yesterday's case.  Here's a shot of Mariano Garcia waiting for his countdown.
There is no drafting allowed, soi f you catch the person ahead of you, you must stay a specified distance behind or to their side when passing so as not to gain any advantage of the draft.
We had PLENTY of time to get ready, socialize and warm up.  Yep, me just hanging out relaxing before a race :)
I noticed things were running a bit late, asked the riders in front of me what their start time was, I had about 6 minutes, rode back up the road and back instead of just standing hanging around waiting for my turn, got back with a minute to spare perfect!  But then, Pat tells me I'm in the wrong gear and better shift down.  So I click back in to ride a circle and shift it, then there's a car coming and I have to wait for it to pass before I can get back to the start line, they are all frantically waiving for me to come, I couldn't hear anything they were saying as the music was too loud.  I get there realizing I missed my start time, no big deal to me as I knew it couldn't be more than 10-20 seconds, but I guess it made the starters nervous as they were yelling, calm down, slow down, put your foot down!!  I was thinking in my head, I'm calm, no problem, I'll go whenever you want me to. we were the last riders to go anyway since we were the last to register.
So, I take off to enjoy the farm country, nice flat, slightly rolling roads, 11.8 miles out and back, it wasn't long before my husband went flying by me, looking good honey!

 I gave it my best shot, and finished with a smile on my face, the benefit of starting near last was that I didn't have to wait too long for results afterwards!

 It was great to see many of our club members winning medals in their age groups!  Congratulations to masters 55+ silver medalist Chuck Rhoades, 45+ bronze medalist, Andy Williams, 65+ silver medalist, Brian Beach, and lucky me, I also earned a silver medal in the masters womens 45+ category!

It was so relaxing to race for a change rather than officiate, although both are rewarding experiences!  See you at the races!