Thursday, May 23, 2013

Du the Lakes! Green Lakes State Park Duathlon- Fayetteville, NY

It was a perfect sunny, warm day in upstate New York for the Green Lakes Duathlon!  This was my third year participating and even though I had been down and out for 3 weeks, I couldn't pass up the fun doing this event with my friends!
For those who are not sure what a Duathlon is, it is a Run, Bike, Run event.  In this case, it is an awesome 3 mile trail run around Green Lake, followed by a 17 mile, road cycling time trial, then you finish with the same 3 mile trail run.  The atmosphere at duathlons is amazing, everyone is so wonderful, in a great mood, cheering everyone on, the super fast people encourage you as they speed by, and the announcing is fun at the finish, not to mention the cookies, pizza, oranges, bananas and snacks!  This year, we had 4 Mission in Motion team members competing, Angela Ott, Ashley Edwards (her very first du!) and Tiffany Grygus and me.  We started in waves, I was in the same wave as Ashley, hoping to be able to keep up with her on the run to have someone to suffer with!  However, Ashley FLEW on the trail run and I lost sight of her in the first mile!  It was a tough run for me, and I couldn't wait to get on the bike where I could make up some time.  This year I had the 7th fastest bike time of the women, woo hoo! it's a great feeling to be able to pass people on the bike leg, although I cringed when they all passed me back off during the final run :)  It's always a great experience and I enjoyed being there with my awesome teammates and husband!   Marsha

Ashley, Tiffany, Marsha, Angela with their finisher medals!

Can't wait for next year!

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