Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Skunk Cabbage 1/2 Marathon

Just wanted to give a quick update about my first race of the season, the Finger Lakes Runners Club's very own Skunk Cabbage Classic!  This year I completed the 1/2 marathon (last year I ran the 10k), and I am very happy with how my run went.

I've been training towards running goals primarily for this spring for a few reasons.  Trying to get in 100 miles a week to train for cycling races just isn't a realistic goal while also trying to complete a master's degree and work at the hospital.  It's much easier to spend the hours in my sneakers in the miles around my apartment than it is to get out into the Binghamton hills every day after working for 12 hours or having class all day or completing clinical hours.  Running gives me big bang for my buck (as they say!) and I have been able to maintain fitness over the winter (so when I do ride, it's not a huge sufferfest!).

Anyway, the race!  I didn't get the best warm up in (too many bathroom stops!) and I was worried about how my GI system would hold up (huevos rancheros for breakfast!).  But the starting gun went off and 1200+ of my friends and I made our way away from Cornell and into the back hills of Ithaca.  This course is hillier than the Binghamton roads I've been training on, however it didn't seem to slow me down too much.  I found some like-minded rowers-turned-runners and was able to chat through some of the middle miles with my new friends.  This is always helpful!  We made it through the 10k in just over 50 minutes and I was still feeling good when we turned around for home.

On my way back toward home, I made another friend, a college student who had been pacing off of me for a while. We traded running stories and suffered through the 15k together at about 1:15.  With each mile, we supported each other toward the finish and to my happiness we were able to run our last 2 miles sub-8 min pace.

My finishing time ended up being about 1:46.37, which is a big 1/2 marathon PR for me!  I am looking forward to the Binghamton Bridge Run to be another personal best in a month.  Thanks to my running buddies and to all of the Skunk participants!  And thanks for CJ, who also had a great 10k (finishing in about 44 min).

See you at the Binghamton Circuit Race! Cannot wait to hear about Battenkill!


Strava report of the race