Thursday, May 3, 2012

Binghamton Circuit Race - A good day for Mission in Motion, past and present!

The weather at BCR has typically been rainy and cold.  This year we were pleasantly surprised to see clear skies and even some sun rays shining down on us the morning of the race!  The winds were brutal at times, but the Women's Cat 4 race was lucky enough to have relatively calm skies.  A great way to start a big day of racing for Mission in Motion!

Personally, I was unsure about how the racing would play out.  10 days before BCR I severely sprained my ankle on a measly training run, and I hadn't put in any significant efforts on my bike in a while.  I know my body well enough to know that I do respond positively to rest, but was 10 days TOO much time away from the bike?  Time would tell.  My warm up felt okay - I did a short run with Tiff and a few laps with some good efforts up the small hill on the familiar Singer loop.  Ankle didn't hurt, legs felt strong.  I peeled of my layers and let the sun warm me up.  Maybe it'd be a good day...
Delana and Jen, pre-race!

We lined up at the start. WOW - 9 Mission in Motion racers lined up with several teammates present to volunteer at the local event and cheer us on.  What a showing!

Ariana, Tiff, Elizabeth, Delana, Jen, Jackie, Angela, and Dana at BCR!
Before we knew it we were lined up and Jef yelled "GO!". The Corning women promptly took off.  I scooted in behind them, standing and pushing hard to be sure I was present as we made it to the top of the decent.  It worked and I managed to hang on to their surge and be part of the first group as we whipped down the hill.
The first few laps were brisk and it would appear that the pack was trying to figure itself out.  There were about 9 of us, and we all did appear able to hang.  5 laps down and we heard a bell - sprint lap!  The pack stayed together as we swept down the hill and into the headwind of the back stretch.  Over the flat section we zoomed.  Dana was very present at the front of the pack, and I knew that she'd likely contest the sprint.  Up the hill we went, and sure enough Dana moved to the front.  But wait, why was no one following her up the hill?  They were going to let her go?  Well jeez, I thought, I'd better go too! So I chased her up the hill and even pushed to try for the spring points (who doesn't like swag from Chenango Point Cycles??).  Dana edged me over the line, but by the time we made it to the top of the hill we had a bit of a lead!  C'mon, let's go!  So onward we pushed for a lap to widen our lead.  I know that Dana has the endurance to go go go forever, but I hoped that we weren't being foolish by moving so soon. But remember it was only a 12 lap race after all... 
After a lap of pushing, I didn't quite have enough to stick with Dana and I sat up to re-join the pack.  I kept quiet and sat in to the group of about 7 women, happy to let them do some work into the wind. As we continued around the Singer loop I still really didn't know what to expect. Eventually I realized that Dana would most definitely be able to keep her lead as long as something crazy didn't happen.  We can up to Jackie and she was really supportive - she said that she had high hopes for my finish! Really, my finish?  She believed that I could place in this race against women who I know are soon-to-be Cat 3's?  I decided at that point that I'd surely do my best to do her proud on our home course. 
Dana takes number 1!
With all those MIM kits on the course, the other racers couldn't tell where anyone was and Dana was able to hold everyone off! Dana took the big WIN overall - way to ride, Dana!  She'll surely have an upgrade this year!

Meanwhile, the pack pulled around to the hill on the final lap and I positioned myself toward the middle of the pack on the outside.  I knew this hill - I ride it all the time!  I knew how long it takes, I knew how much it hurts but how quickly it's over.  Quickly we were at the base of the hill, and then moving up it. Tami made her move and there are a few reactions from the group.  I left a myself a lot of gear and I stood to start hammering up the hill.  Around a few women I moved, and suddenly it's just me and Tami!  She moved quickly ahead of me, but I'm moved quickly too!  No one passed me!  I don't hear anyone behind me anymore, just cheers from the crowd!  I saw Marsha and Heather on the sidelines, and I pushed harder.  I made it over the line before the other women in the group, good for third over all.  All together and great race for the MIM ladies past and present!  
Jackie and Tiff finishing!
Congratulations to all of the racers and thanks so much to the volunteers!  Thanks to Kathleen for the great photos of the race!  Thanks to the Corning women for being such great competitors and teammates throughout the years. We look forward to continuing to grow and excel with all of our new racers and riders this year.  Keep and eye out for the pink and green kits at all the local races throughout the season.  
Delana, Dana, Tami - a MIM (past and present) podium!

Check out complete results at the USAC website. Thanks to the for Tioga Velo Club for hosting such a great race and to the weather gods for cooperating! Congrats to all of the other local finishers.  Several of the RUUD Racing Team men had wins and top-ten finishes.  Quite a day for Southern Tier cyclists! 

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  1. Awesome report Delana, I am so proud of all you guys for a great race! It was so exciting to be able to sneak away from registration to watch the finish lap!