Thursday, April 5, 2012

Route 38, 10 mile time trial results

The wind....Brutal,  The temperature....Cold,  And it's not Rt 38 unless a rider flats.  11 riders came out to ride, Mark Rando happened to be the victim of the Rt 38 flat tire tonight ending his ride during the warm up, so he stayed to assist Norm & Angela with timing.

1.     26:07     Chris Jones
2.     26:38     Kevin Rocktashel
3.     26:41     John Hover
4.     26:50     Brad Helmetsie
5.     29:23     Delana Spaulding  (W)
tie    29:23     Marsha Kapinus    (W)
6.     30:53     Keith Maynard
7.     33:37     Jeff Cebula
8.     37:39     Karen Holm         (W)
9.     63:00     Jim McDonough

Thank you Angela, Norm and Mark for taking care of sign in, start order, and results!

Next Week is Rt 26 at Dorchester Park.  Please come prepared to time yourselves as a backup, as I will already be at Battenkill preparing for everyone's arrival :)

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