Monday, April 16, 2012

News from Battenkill

Wow!  My first road race and my first bike crash all in one—talk about getting schooled!

It was such a beautiful day—perfect.  I was with Kathleen and Barb in the last group to go at 2:40 and we had just gotten out of the 1k neutral mode when somebody crashed right in front of us.  I thought I was going down too—it was a lot of scary braking and swerving around girls on the ground—and I didn’t crash by sheer luck.  When I finally stopped I saw Kathleen over on the side of the rode, up on the hill, flat on her back (one medic said she won the prize for longest hang time!).  She was conscious and talking but not moving, with bad pain in her head and neck.  Her husband had just finished his race and was parked right next to my husband in the main parking lot so I was able to get him on the phone and he got over to Kathleen before the ambulance got there.

There were about seven other women down in the road and there was lots of blood, moaning and crying.  (One of the medics told me that my cortisol levels would be as high as if I had actually raced.)  Three of the riders were taken away by ambulance (including Kathleen) and the rest went to the field hospital.  Kathleen was a total trooper.  She talked and was in good spirits the whole time as they put her in the ambulance.  She even joked about what the emergency room staff would think the smushed Snickers bites were in the pockets of her jersey!  Anyway, she got out of the hospital later that evening with only a sprained neck and no concussion, so that’s great news.  And she was already talking about being at the BCR.

I’m really disappointed we didn’t get to race (I  had 3.8miles on my odometerL) and, I have to say, I’m feeling a little gun shy about getting in a group again.  But I’m already thinking about next year’s Battenkill…it was so beautiful and the set-up was so friendly and professional.  Also, the responding medics were dynamite.  Hope not to need them again.
On a positive note, Barb was able to miss the crash completely and finish the race triumphantly for all of us!

As an aside, the future of Upstate NY racing had a chance to "Ride with the Pros" on Friday night.

My seven year old got the experience of leading out the peleton.

 My five year old didn't realize that he is any smaller than this guy (and thinks there is really a chance to beat a pro!).

That's all the news from me from Battenkill!
Jennifer Corby

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  1. Kathleen RutishauserApril 18, 2012 at 4:26 AM

    Battenkill had all of the makings for a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. That is until it all went wrong! Barb, Jennifer and I warmed up and then lined up to start. There was an unusual amount of speeding up and slowing down in the "neutral start". So much so that I was a couple of bike lengths off of the lead pack just to give myself some stopping room if I needed it. Well once we got going, it was off to the races. But still there was so much speeding up and slowing down. All of the sudden, I saw and heard what none of us want to see, cyclists ahead crashing, skidding and flying. From what I understand, there were about 15 of us effected by the crash. I moved right and was heading for the grass when someone skidded into me which sent me airborn for the grass. My husband told me that I was 25 feet off of the road and lying on a hill. I fell on my head and neck. That was pretty scary. I got a ride in the ambulance to Saratoga Hospital and my ER doctor had done Battenkill last year. After a CT scan, which showed no concussion, I was released. When my husband uploaded my Polar data, he told me that we only went just over 3 miles, but I hit 35 mph. Odd considering that we were on a flat and so early into a race that isn't decided in the very beginning. Next year, I'm hanging off the back and making sure that I get to ride the whole 62 miles. Huge shout out to Barb, Jennifer and Angela. First to Barb for the commeraderie (sp?) and encouragement for the race, to Jennifer for giving up the opportunity to race in favor of comforting me, and to Angela for handling all of Rich's feeds during his race and for listening to me babble on about the crash for the rest of the weekend. I'm sorry Jennifer that this race was a nightmare for you. Glad you're a trooper and doing BCR!! Kathleen P.S. Thanks Marsha for getting Barb, Jennifer and me placed in the same group.