Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long Ride Weekend

Now, I know all of you MIM ladies who went to Battenkill will have big stories to tell (and I'm eager to hear them!), but I just wanted to share the story of my little training weekend as well.  I have been excited for this weekend of no commitments for a while, and we really made the most of it I think!

On Saturday morning, I got up at 7:30 and successfully did some school work while drinking my cup of coffee.  By 9:30 we were at the Conklin Weis parking lot, ready to go out on our long ride.  At the start, there was only lonely MIM gal (me!) and 6 RUUD guys.  If I made it through the ride without a bonk, I told myself, I would be successful.

We started out at an easy conversation pace and made out way to PA.  Just over the border we made our way down what would eventually be a long stretch of dirt road.  We lost a few guys at this point -- I guess they didn't want to spend their entire Saturday on the bike! -- but we were lucky to have some great sunshine during those few miles of dirt road.
Railroad bridge in the PA borough of Susquehanna Depot

Skoloff Valley Farmland!
Onward we went, enjoying the sunshine and relatively flat terrain.  Our ultimate destination was the Skoloff Vally Farm in Susquehanna, PA.  We did indeed make it, with only a 10 mile trip out of the way beforehand.  Chris and I will have a share from the farm this year, so we were eager to check it out!

After we passed the farm we hit the largest climb of our day, but we all made it up the dirt hill in one piece.   We later found on Strava that the Buchanan Rd. climb is a Category 3 climb!
Making my way up the sheet Buchanan Rd. climb
Our ride finished at 71 miles (5 hours from start to finish), making it our longest ride of the season to date.  Now we're getting psyched for racing season to really start... 

On Sunday morning we started our day with some Primal Waffles, eggs, and bacon.  We may have even had a crisp glass of bubbly to go with them!  Yum! Below is a photo of the first batch of Primal Waffles we had a few weeks ago - super tasty.  Add some local maple syrup and you have quite a breakfast!
Primal waffles!

And finally, this afternoon we headed to Chenango Valley State Park for a long run.  We explored some new trails and enjoyed a mild, rain free afternoon in the woods.  Chris sported his Vibram Five Finger shoes for the entire run with no foot pain.  We ended our run after one hour and thirty minutes, making that our longest run of the season so far as well.  Phew. We enjoyed our first ice cream of the season after our run.  I ordered my favorite, a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Some things never change!
Tasty post-run treat!

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