Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 1st Training Clinic a success!

On Sunday, April 1st, the Mission in Motion team hosted a beginners road racing training clinic open to any new riders!  Although the cold weather and threat of rain kept many riders away, we can 14 excited new people come to learn from 6 riding instructors which worked out well as we instructors were able to ride along with 2 riders and give them some good attention while showing them the basic skills for riding in groups, how to properly draft and not overlap wheels, keeping control of your bike while reaching for your water bottle or looking around, taking was a great day and we look forward to seeing these riders come out to try racing with their local clubs!  Thanks to Mike Grygus, Mike Jones, Vanessa McCaffery, Pat & Marsha Kapinus, Charlsie Donnelly and Jackie Hendrickson for taking the time to come out and share their experience with the group!  Thank you to NYSBRA for covering the USAC fees and refreshments!

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