Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Forks 15k Road Race

Well, all the Mission in Motion ladies who came out to run the 39th annual Forks 15k road race in Chenango Forks last Sunday finished in one piece!  Congrats to Marsha, Tiffany, and Delana on their finishes this year!  Each of them met their early season running goal.  Now they're all looking toward the Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon next month!

Big thanks to Sue, Jackie, Veda, and Shelley for coming out to support the team during the run.  Also, thanks to local RUUD and Corning riders Chris, Mike, Chuck, Mike G, John, and Pat for supporting us (and congrats to John and Mike G on their great finishes in the race!)

We look forward to seeing all of you at the clinic this Sunday at 1pm!  
Sue, Jackie, Tiffany, Delana, Marsha and Veda in front at the Forks 15k road race, 2012!

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